Jan Bech is primarily engaged in insolvency law, including in particular restructuring of enterprises, but also arrangements with creditors and bankruptcy. Jan is appointed assistant administrator at the Probate Court in Aarhus and lectures at the University of Aarhus on the subjects Insolvency law and Restructuring.

In particular, his work in the last 20 years has included safeguarding the interests of a large number of car dealers in Denmark in pending cases concerning additional collection of car registration tax initiated by the Danish tax authorities. He advises car dealers and dealer associations on legal affairs relating to a sale and leasing agreements and is a member of the Danish trade organisation Autobranchen’s task force on registration taxes.

Jan has vast experience in business transfers and provides advice in relation to the establishment of, trade in and financing of wind-turbine projects and in advising both Danish and foreign enterprises within the leasing industry.

In addition, Jan has through many years advised enterprises within the dairy industry and is a permanent lawyer for the Danish Dairy Board.