Head Start programs are concentrated in countries where we have DLA Piper offices and where there are significant barriers to entering the legal profession. Head Start is aligned with and complimented by the firm's broader goals to promote diversity and inclusion. Head Start programs run for between one and five years and participants receive bespoke support based on their needs and goals.

All students on Head Start are offered the following opportunities:

  • Mentoring
  • Local and international internships
  • Financial support towards study related costs
  • Computer and internet access
  • Employability skills workshops
  • Continued legal education
  • Networking opportunities

Head Start is much more than a pipeline program. During the years we work with them, the students are encouraged to consider a wide range of careers in the legal profession. Mentors help to expose the students to the various opportunities and roles available to them. At the conclusion of Head Start we ensure that each student has the confidence and skills required to pursue the right opportunity for them.  We keep in touch with all Head Start Alumni and track what they go on to achieve and how we were able to help them reach their full potential.

For information about Head Start please contact Clementine Johnson, Senior Manager, Scholarships and Social Mobility