In 2017 we launched our Global Scholarships Program. This initiative supports outstanding law students, known as Fellows, from less developed countries around the world and helps them define and achieve their own professional goals.

During the two-year program Fellows receive:

  • Financial support towards their tuition fees
  • Mentoring
  • Local and international internships
  • Financial support towards study related costs
  • Computer and internet access
  • Employability skills workshops
  • Rule of Law course by the Bingham Centre
  • Access to leadership development program
  • Continued legal education
  • Ethics training
  • Public interest lawyering
  • Networking opportunities

We currently have 22 Fellows on the Global Scholarships Program from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Senegal, Solomon Islands, Uganda and Zambia. We are currently recruiting in Asia.

For information about Head Start please contact Clementine Johnson, Senior Manager, Scholarships and Social Mobility